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We created this page to provide people with some examples of the ways we were able to help other customers with a variety of different garage door related issues. These are just some of the latest projects we completed, so check out the rest of our website for more information.

Garage Door Off Track Close To Devon CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Ms. Vaughn had no idea why her garage door suddenly wouldn’t move past a certain point or go back down afterward.
Our Solution: Our team discovered that a lot of yard work had been done recently, and some of the debris from trimmed trees and otherwise had gotten stuck in the track of Ms. Vaughn’s garage door. This led to a blockage that forced out several rollers and got the door off the track. We opened the tracks and removed the materials, then shifted the rollers inside again.

Molly Vaughn - Devon
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Orange | Milford, CT

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: The customer found that their garage door was very draggy and slow, which was troublesome for his busy schedule.
Our Solution: Our team thoroughly inspected the entire system to get to the bottom of what was causing the problem. It was determined that the source was a few broken rollers making it difficult for the door to move, so the track was opened so they could be replaced with fresh ones. This allowed the door to move easily again.

Lucas Burnett - Orange
New Garage Door Installation in Devon | Garage Door Repair Milford, CT

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The customer was interested in getting an automatic overhead garage door that would open and close fast without making too much noise.
Our Solution: The customer chose an Aspen series polymer door from Raynor, and a Chamberlain RJO20 direct drive opener that came with a wall switch and a universal remote control handset from Elite. Once our team set it all up, it made for a compact door system that used the limited space efficiently.

Gunner Mackey - Devon
Cable Replacement | Garage Door Repair Milford, CT

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged cables.
Our Solution: The problem was caused by frayed cables, so we replaced them. We also adjusted spring tension and put back a few missing bolts. Finally, we instructed the customer how to better take care of the system by showing her which components need lubricating.

Madison Jones - Milford
Opener Replacement | Garage Door Repair Milford, CT

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: Opener upgrade.
Our Solution: We went over a number of models, and the customer chose CRAFTSMAN 54931 Smart Garage Door Opener. After installing and testing the unit, we made sure the customer knew how to use new functions, especially the CRAFTSMAN garage door app.

Chloe Taylor - Trumbull
Broken Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Milford, CT

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken torsion spring.
Our Solution: We got to this customer’s home as fast as we could, inspected the whole system and resolved the problem within an hour. We replaced both springs, applied lubricant where needed and finished by making sure the door was safe to use.

Emily Johnson - Milford

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