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Garage Door Repair in New Haven CT

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Garage Door Repair in New Haven CT

There aren't many things more frustrating than coming home from work in the afternoon to find your garage door unwilling to open, other than not being able to get your car out of your garage in the morning! Unfortunately garage door malfunctions can be dangerous as well as inconvenient; faulty springs and unreliable sensors are both safety hazards that shouldn't be ignored. As a local company, we specialize in all aspects of garage door repair and preventative maintenance for homeowners like you.

Our Expert Knowledge In New Haven CT

With over a decade in the field, our team has seen just about everything that can possibly go wrong with an automatic garage door system. In addition to their experience diagnosing and resolving problems, our team also excels when it comes to providing preventative maintenance, upgrades and installation services. Whatever your garage door needs are we can help.

High Quality Parts

There are a large number of manufacturers out there producing high-quality components for garage doors, and our professionals are proud to have familiarized themselves with all the major brands. From LiftMaster to Genie, Clopay to Chamberlain, we can present you with a wide variety of options and replacement parts to fit your needs and price range. If our team doesn’t have something immediately to hand, we’ll be happy to order it for you and install it ASAP.

A Few Garage Door Services We Provide In New Haven:

Garage Door Maintenance

Waiting for something to go wrong can often mean more frustration and expense than taking preventative action. Most experts recommend that an automatic garage door system receive preventative maintenance at least once every six to twelve months, and this is a service our team is happy to provide. By testing your sensors, cleaning and lubricating your belts and springs, and inspecting your wiring for potential problems, our technicians can catch problems before they became apparent and keep your garage door working smoothly well into the future.

Garage Door Replacement

Let's say your overhead door is looking shabby and the panels have taken a few knocks in their time. Alternatively, it could simply be that it's time for an upgrade as you've had the same door in place for many years now. Whatever the cause for wanting to replace your existing door, we can help you choose the right material and style for your budget, and look after the installation process.

Broken Spring Replacement

If there’s one part of your garage door system you don’t want to tamper with without professional training, it’s the springs. The mechanical energy stored in these components is great enough to lift your overhead door off the ground, and if something goes wrong, a spring can go flying with dangerous force. Our professionals know how to replace and adjust springs safely without risk to you and your family.

Opener Repair & Installation

The electric opener provides the trigger to start the automatic motion of your garage door – it releases the springs and begins the process of opening or closing your door. There are a large number of models out there, with a variety of lifting strengths, noise levels and special features. If your unit has passed its prime, our experts can help you pick a suitable replacement and install it with minimum hassle.

Garage Door Repair

Call us troubleshooting experts. There isn’t much our professionals can’t fix. Garage door malfunctions can be caused by faulty wiring, bad components and jammed or rusty works, as well as software or transmission issues in 'smart' systems. All our repair operations are conducted with reliable performance in mind. We aim to provide timely and inexpensive repairs that will get your overhead working as good as new - just tell us the problem and our team will be on their way.


I wanted to take a second and comment on the quality of your service. Two words come to mind: excellent and excellent! I cannot thank you enough for the new door installation, it's glowing!
Lloyd Milano
I just wanted to share how satisfied I am with your work on my garage door opener. The technician really was outstanding and the service was fairly priced too!
Marhta Leeks
I only have words of praise for the sleek job you've done on my rollers that went off track. Thank you so much!
Quentin Gaither

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