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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Wallingford CT

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Garage Door Repairs Projects in Wallingford CT

Why not take a look below at the various projects we’ve recently completed for our customers to get a sense of what we can do?

Track Replacement Nearby Northford CT

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Ms. Chapman grew worried that something may be wrong with her garage door when it seemed to drag more and more lately.
Our Solution: Our technicians checked out Ms. Chapman’s garage door system, and determined the problem had occurred due to one of her garage door tracks having damage. Once the tension had been released, we disconnected the springs, cables, and opener to move the door off the tracks. Our experts then removed and replaced the broken track with a new one.

Ellen Chapman - Northford
Opener Installation | Durham | Milford, CT

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Ms. Garrett wanted to get a new garage door opener for something more heavy duty and that would be long-lasting.
Our Solution: After working closely with the customer and going over her preferences, our experts assisted her in deciding on a new Linear MVP50 model opener due to it being able to lift heavier doors more easily. It was the assembled and installed by us for her, as well as tested to confirm it was working efficiently.

Katrina Garrett - Durham
Panel Replacement in Northford | Garage Door Repair Wallingford, CT

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Vandalism took its toll on this poor old door, ruining three of the panels to the point where they needed replacement.
Our Solution: After disconnecting everything, our team unscrewed and pulled out the damaged pieces before sliding in some identical replacements. They also advised Mrs. Mittler on how to set up a better security system, and advised her to replace her entire set of door panels with a sturdier type if this continues.

Kiara Mittler - Northford
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Wallingford, CT

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken rollers.
Our Solution: One of the rollers was broken, and the other seemed very close to it. They were never oiled, and were quite old. After disconnecting the opener, we removed both rollers and installed a new set of rollers in their place.

Nadine Sugar - Wallingford
Sensor Alignment | Garage Door Repair Wallingford, CT

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: The customer’s door wouldn’t reverse when something was in the way due to misaligned sensors.
Our Solution: Our experts used careful measurements and examinations to determine how much each sensor had been tweaked and at what angle they needed to be at to be perfectly lined up again. We then tested them to make sure they were properly aligned again.

Billy Carpenter - Wallingford
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Wallingford, CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Door got off its track due to an accidental bump with the car.
Our Solution: After a minor back-up accident, the door got knocked off the track, and it got slightly wrapped. We first removed the door, and then managed to realign the track back into place. After carefully re-installing the door, we tested its balance and movement and made sure everything was working safely and smoothly.

Mandy Choi - Wallingford

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