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Garage Doors Repair Projects in West Haven CT

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Garage Doors Repair Projects in West Haven CT

If you're dealing with some type of problem that involves your automatic garage door system, you can count on our team for help. Here are just a few of our latest projects:

Broken Spring Replacement Nearby West Haven CT

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Baldwin had places to be when he learned that his garage door wouldn’t open, so he contacted us right away.
Our Solution: While checking the garage door system, we located the cause of the problem. A torsion garage door spring had broken from years of use, and the door couldn’t function without it. Our team safely removed the broken spring, after assuring the door would stay safely in place with a clamp. We then installed a new spring, and checked the balance to be certain everything had been returned to normal.

Kevin Baldwin - West Haven
Opener Repair | Long Wharf | West Haven, CT

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Mrs. Thomas found that her garage door was making a lot of noise while moving and wanted our team to assure it wasn’t about to break down.
Our Solution: Once safely disconnected from the system, one of our technicians took apart the LiftMaster 8365W-267 model opener to inspect it for the source of the problem. It was determined that the internal motor needed some repairs, which were immediately tended to before reinstalling the opener and testing it to make certain it was functioning properly.

Helen Thomas - Long Wharf
Garage Door Off Track in West Haven | Garage Door Repair West Haven, CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Somehow, the Stankic children managed to get the bottom left roller out of the overhead door.
Our Solution: Manually raising the garage door off of the tracks entirely gave our team the room they needed to adjust it back into place from the bottom rollers onward and slide it back into position. When they reconnected the lift cables and opener, the door worked fine.

Aquila Stankić - West Haven
New Garage Door Installation | Garage Door Repair West Haven, CT

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Looking for a strong and durable door.
Our Solution: The customer called to consult with us on which type of door would suit his preferences. We made several suggestions, and he decided to go with a Clopay Modern Steel garage door. We then installed the door for him a few days later, and showed him how to lubricate the moving metal parts.

Jim Phan - West Haven
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair West Haven, CT

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged door panels.
Our Solution: The customer contacted us after a neighbor accidently hit her garage door and damaged a couple of panels. We helped her obtain two new sections from the door's manufacturer and then replaced the damaged panels and made sure it didn't hurt the door's insulating qualities or its curb appeal.

Sarah Yu - West Haven
Cable Replacement | Garage Door Repair West Haven, CT

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Garage door cable about to break.
Our Solution: While conducting some maintenance on his door, this customer discovered that one of his lift cables exhibited some serious fraying. We arrived that same day and replaced the damaged unit, as well as its counterpart (at the customer's request).

Ian Takashi - West Haven

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